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WOW Toys stunned the industry with an impressive showing at the 1997 London Toy Fair. This innovative company debuted its line of well-engineered toys to instant fanfare. Since its inception, WOW Toys has delivered new releases that take advantage of quality parts and sophisticated designs. These amazing playthings offer advanced features with no batteries required.

For the youngest children, bright colors and safe materials inspire hours of play. WOW Toys provide incredible developmental benefits. Motor skills are enhanced when toddlers engage in play using their hands. Also, role play encourages the development of social skills. Since these toys are safe and virtually indestructible, parents can use them to provide guilt-free independent playtime for children.

The most innovative features of these toys attract older children as well. This means that WOW Toys will continue to entertain kids as the years pass. While the bright colors and smooth textures might engage a toddler, advanced features like friction motors redefine a toy's utility in the future. However, these unique motorized features are offered with no batteries required; incredible engineering allows the company to provide moving parts without expensive energy costs.

Since WOW Toys are sturdy, versatile, and collectible, parents invest in the future with each purchase. These colorful and interactive items provide years of fun. The nursery will be transformed into an imaginary universe. While WOW Toys are enjoyed with no batteries required, your child will be amazed by mechanical parts and whirring motors. This innovative engineering proves the fundamentals of math and science; your child will see physics in action while playing with the latest offerings from this company.

For parents in search of an incredible value, these toys deliver years of fun. Your child will sharpen skills while playing roles that might inspire future careers. Such unique and collectible toys are perfect for children of all ages. Choose from our wide selection of products by this amazing toy maker.

WOW Toys - Sidney School Bus

Shape sorting fun to help early years development.



17% OFF

RRP $29.95

WOW Toys Dudley Dump Truck

Construction Fun with this Friction powered truck with motorised tipping action



15% OFF

RRP $64.95

WOW Toys Flip n Tip Fred

Garbage Truck Fun with this Friction powered recycling truck



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RRP $89.95


36% OFF

RRP $59.99

WOW Toys Harry Copter Animal Rescue

Fly to the Rescue in this Trigger-powered helicopter with magnetic pick-up



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RRP $59.95

WOW Toys Harvey Harvester

Farm fun with this Friction-powered combine with automatic baler



17% OFF

RRP $59.95

WOW Toys Lift-it Luke

Friction powered mini digger.



0% OFF

RRP $24.99

WOW Toys Lunar Lenny

Push-along rocking space buggy.



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RRP $19.95

WOW Toys Robins Medical Rescue

Race to the Rescue



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RRP $64.95

WOW Toys Sammy's Surf Patrol

Push-along surf rescue jeep.



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RRP $49.95