VTech Toys - Education and Entertainment

VTech is one of the most innovative manufacturers of learning toys for children. This sharp company has delivered advancements in educational toys since opening for business in 1976. VTech created a proprietary category of toys called Electronic Learning Products. This is an example of the forward-thinking attitude of the company; new ideas are used to entertain children with cutting-edge learning toys.

VTech baby toys provide unique tools to enhance the development of our youngest children. Educational baby toys are among the most important. At such a formative age, every action takes on additional significance. With VTech baby toys, children are given the opportunity to strengthen the senses, cognitive reasoning, and self-confidence. Babies need playtime. However, they benefit when educational tools are incorporated. Parents can fortify playtime with specific toys and games that address developmental challenges. In this way, a baby's education can be customized to meet the needs of the individual.

This creative company offers unique learning toys that imitate the preferred games and diversions of children. Educational toys often ignore the exciting themes that traditional entertainment products use to engage our kids. The latest video games and action figures are tailored to the interests of children. Some educational products miss this mark. However, VTech puts significant energy into the creation of toys that educate while satisfying like conventional entertainment products. These learning toys are tweaked for the benefit of children of all ages; each toy or game is customized to meet the unique needs of kids of various age groups.

If you are looking to unlock your child's natural capabilities with innovative learning technologies, consider these wonderful products. Our broad selection of recreational items includes learning toys by VTech. These compelling games and toys deliver educational benefits while entertaining like the hottest new releases.

VTech - Alphabet Apple

Encourages language development and independent play.



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RRP $74.95

VTech - Dr Alfie

Help children understand illness with the VTech - Dr Alfie bear. Children learn about actions, reactions and more with Dr. Alfie.



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RRP $59.95

Vtech - Kidi Pop and Rock

The musical fun and learning never stops with the incredible and interactive three in one Vtech - Kidi Pop and Rock!



Vtech - Kidizoom Video Cam

The incredible and creative VTech - Kidizoom Video Cam will make an awesome movie director out of your child!



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RRP $159.95

Vtech - Kidizoom Video Cam Pink

Become a movie director with the VTech - Kidizoom Video Cam Pink. Let the good times roll with this first video camera!



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RRP $159.95

VTech - Light-Up Learning Phone

Teaches numbers and number concepts through fun games.



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RRP $74.95

Vtech - My 1st Karaoke

Join in the sing-along fun with the Vtech - My 1st Karaoke . This interactive toy helps kids learn numbers and letters.



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RRP $74.95

VTech - My First Clock

Moveable Clock hands and 3 fun modes of play.



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RRP $52.49

VTech - My Laptop - Pink

Teaches early computer skills and age appropriate curriculum



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RRP $79.99

VTech - My Laptop Orange

teaches early computer skills and age appropriate curriculum



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RRP $69.99

VTech - Roll and Wiggle Caterpillar

Fun Electronic Learning Toy for Babies



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RRP $34.99

VTech - Shop With Me Cash Register

Check it out! The VTech - Shop With Me Cash Register helps your child learn basic math, money concepts and more.



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RRP $54.95

VTech - Sort and Spin Blender

Fun sounds and dancing lights



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RRP $49.95

VTech - Toy Story 3 Kidizoom Digital Camera

Everyone will be buzzing about the VTech - Toy Story 3 Kidizoom Digital Camera . Take photos and videos with Buzz Lightyear!



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RRP $159.95