For the Love of Playmobil

Playmobil is a company that has deep roots in Germany; starting in 1876 as a lock and key metal fitting company, it took many different names and forms over the years. Throughout history, they made everything from telephones to cash registers to hula hoops before settling on plastic figurines in the 1970s. Introduced at the International Toy Fair in 1974, children and parents alike responded warmly to these miniature figurines and themed accessories, making Playmobil toys a worldwide success.

Aside from their adorable appearance and infinite play possibilities, Playmobil is well-loved because of the company€s practice of running limited edition sets and discontinuing themes, giving the toys an extensive collector€s community. Early themes, such as the Playmobil Knights set, are highly collectible today. In addition to playing with Playmobil, collectors also enjoy trading, setting up and photographing scenes, and even creating short stop motion films.

Children love Playmobil as well; allowing them an infinite variety of imaginative play possibilities in miniature form. Historically themed sets are particularly popular, especially those featuring medieval scenes, such as the Playmobil Castle with its realistically detailed stones, waving flags and working drawbridge. The figurines are cloaked in period armor and carry tools and weapons. Since treasure seeking is always popular with children, sets like the Playmobil Pirates is a favorite because of its minute details such as wood grain on the treasure chest, a cannon that actually fires, and shiny gold coins.

Playmobil committed to making quality toys for young and old and because the range of themes is so extensive, every person is likely to find a favorite to love. They are toys that are made to last many years, allowing them to be passed down to younger siblings and still have the life left in them to be tucked away for future generations.

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