Nerf Super Soaker

Wage an all-out water war on your enemies with the amazing NERF Super Soaker series of water blasters. Whether you choose one of the many outstanding motorised water guns in the Soaker Wars series, or opt instead for the outstanding pumping action of one of the air-powered water blasters, the wet and wild water fun never ends! Make sure your water gun arsenal is supplied with all of the amazing NERF Super Soaker water blasters, so you and your friends can experience a drenching good time.

Beat the summer heat with a powerful and exciting game of NERF water wars with your friends. Cool off with a dynamic drenching from one of the motorised water guns in the Soaker Wars series, or give your friends relief from the hot rays of the sun with a soaking from the powerful pumping action of your NERF Super Soaker water blaster. Blast your friends and enemies from 25 to 35 feet away with the amazing drenching power of the dynamic water blasters in the NERF Soaker Wars series. Scope out the territory and plan a sneak attack, or run right through enemy territory and blast your opponents with the outstanding soaking action of the Super Soaker water blasters. Your enemies will never know what hit them as you blast your way to victory!

Many of the water blasters in the Soaker Wars series come with the tactical rail system and interchangeable parts so that you can easily mix and match the awesome water blasters in your water wars arsenal for maximum drenching power and accuracy. The large capacity tanks and swappable magazines on many of the Super Soaker blasters allow you to continue the fun without the need to stop and reload in the middle of a water war.

NERF Super Soaker water blasters are available as either motorised water guns or blasters with powerful pumping action. No NERF water gun arsenal is complete without both types. Use motorised water guns for fast and accurate soaking action during your next water wars adventure. You don€™t want to be caught without powerful pumping action though. Pump up the handle for a dynamic blast that will send your enemies scrambling for cover. The NERF water blasters provide a fantastically wet and wild time for all. War has never been so fun! Make sure your water wars arsenal is complete with the amazing water blasters in the Soaker Wars series.

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