Melissa & Doug

The award-winning and colourful toys created by cover each precious step and phase of your child€™s life. From the very beginning stages of childhood to the more complex and adventurous pre-teen years, Melissa & Doug offer developmental toys, educational products and creative activities to assist in your child€™s development every step of the way. The classic and creative products offered by the company are designed to be much more than simply toys. These quality playthings are designed to teach valuable skills, create lasting childhood memories and provide hours of fun and entertainment for every child that plays with an award-winning Melissa & Doug toy.

From classic wooden toys to plastic food, puppets, playhouses and much, much more, the award-winning Melissa & Doug brand offers a lifetime of memories and a treasury of childhood laughter. The classic wooden toys, broad range of educational toys and assortment of other fun and creative playthings make excellent gifts for friends and family. When you give a friend or loved one a quality Melissa & Doug toy, you are giving the gift of precious memories that will last for years to come.

If you can remember the simple joys of playing with classic wooden toys, educational playthings and creative childhood products, you understand that sometimes the simple things in life really do mean the most. Melissa & Doug toys are colourful, creative, educational and fun, but they are not flashy, embellished or complicated. Teach your child the value of simplicity, along with instrumental developmental skills and educational necessities. Many of the toys in the Melissa & Doug line provide a multitude of educational and developmental skills, such as learning to tell time, shape recognition, eye-hand coordination, math skills and much, much more. Perhaps one of the best lessons these toys provide, however, is the value of old-fashioned fun and simple creativity.

At Melissa & Doug, quality customer service and overall safety come first. Each and every toy is put through rigorous safety tests to ensure the durability of the product and the safety of the toy for your child. As parents, Melissa and Doug understand the need for durable, safe toys that will not easily break or create hazardous risks for children. When they create a new toy, they develop it with their family in mind. In fact, every toy created goes home with them to be enjoyed by their own children.