Choosy parents interested in the total development of their children want to offer them toys that deliver both loads of fun and a quality learning experience in the same package. The toy makers at Meccano have shared that philosophy for more than a century, and their line of Meccano erector sets and other Meccano toys will inspire creativity and ingenuity from the first few moments your young guy or gal begins to put one of their high quality collections together. Building the mechanical options found in each of their Meccano construction sets will be provide educational opportunities for building something much more important a lifelong appreciation for learning, growth, and accomplishment. These fascinating kits include a variety of sets for younger children age 4 and up. Sets like the 100 and 150 piece construction buckets will supply your little learner with the parts needed to get their imaginations buzzing with limitless possibilities. The Easy Box is a perfect starter set for young mechanical engineers, while the Motorized Box will take the game to a whole new level. Older children, and adults too, will respond with enthusiasm to the wide variety of Meccano erector sets that feature durable pieces and moving parts, so the Meccano toys they put together will actually work. Each set offers detailed instructions for building numerous designs, many of them motorized, with suggestions for many more. Those options will just be the start. An imaginative mind in your budding builder will produce inventive, working Meccano toys that will amaze and amuse. If you are concerned that your children have educational toys that invite active interaction, Meccano erector sets and toys will certainly pass the test, and will soon become favourites in the home.

MECCANO 100 Piece Construction Bucket

Perfect for little builders!


MECCANO 832511 - Multi Models 2 Model Set

Build your own engine and use your imagination !”



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MECCANO Easy Tool box

A perfect introduction to construction.



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Meccano Meccanoid G15 Small Personal Robot

For kids of all ages, MECCANO Meccanoid G15 stands about 2 feet tall. Features emotional intelligence, intuitive speech and movement programming, the ability to learn based on what it observes you doing, and all kinds of customization options.



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