LEGO® Technic

LEGO® TECHNIC challenges you with an exciting construction experience that lets you create authentic, working and functional real-life models.

LEGO® 42026 Technic Back Champion Racer

Pull back, release and watch the Black Champion Racer win the day!


17% OFF

RRP $29.99

LEGO® 42036 Technic Street Motorcycle

Take to the open road with the LEGO® Technic Street Motorcycle!


20% OFF

RRP $49.95

LEGO® 42037 Technic Formula Off-Roader

Take on mountainous terrain with the LEGO® Technic Formula Off-Roader!


5% OFF

RRP $69.99

LEGO® 42038 Technic Arctic Truck

Take on the toughest arctic terrain in the LEGO® Technic Arctic Truck


10% OFF

RRP $119.95

LEGO® 42039 Technic 24 Hours Race Car

Scream around the circuit in the lightning-fast LEGO® Technic 24 Hours Race Car!


20% OFF

RRP $159.99

LEGO® 42024 Technic Container Truck

Transport big loads with the Container Truck!


10% OFF

RRP $99.99

LEGO® 42025 Technic Cargo Plane

Build and fly the amazing Cargo Plane with realistic functions!


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RRP $199.99

LEGO® 42028 Technic Bulldozer

Clear the ground with this powerful 2-in-1 Bulldozer!


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RRP $69.99

LEGO® 8293 Technic Power Functions Motor Set

Add even more power to your LEGO Technic Creations


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RRP $49.99