LEGO® Friends

The LEGO® Friends world is one that your child will love. It combines the classic LEGO building experience with the chance to role play everyday scenarios. The play sets are themed around five best friends, each with their own unique personality, who live in a beautiful city where there are lots of cute animals to take care of, shops to visit and houses to live in. The products contain plenty of accessories and imaginative details that will enhance your child€™s play experience and boost their growing creativity. LEGO Friends will provide hours of fun and imaginative play.

LEGO® 41130 Friends Amusement Park Roller

Go crazy on all the rides at the Amusement Park!



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RRP $149.99

LEGO® 41131 Friends 2016 Advent Calendar

Count down to Christmas with the LEGO® Friends!



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RRP $49.99