Bruder Toys

Always impeccably made, always functional, and always fun, Bruder toys have been bringing joy to children since 1926. Based in Burgfarnbach, Germany, Bruder is one of the largest family owned and operated toy manufacturers in the world. The company takes pride in creating toys that are, as their motto states, "just like the real thing." While they are well known for their life-like variety of toy trucks, that is not the only factor that keeps their toys so popular.

Whether a child is interested in Bruder's highly detailed caterpillar load grader, flashy red fire engine, or bright orange loading garbage truck, parents can feel confident that they are investing in a toy that will help teach their children how things work. Plus, thanks to Bruder's tedious inspection process and dedication to only using top-quality ABS plastic, this company guarantees some of the safest toys on the market.

Playing with Bruder toys also means kids can act like kids. With sturdy, reliable parts, these trucks and tractors prove to be as rugged as the real deal. All of Bruder's models are designed for both inside and outside use, so there's no need to worry if these toys find their way out the back door. Bruder also uses fade-resistant paints so their toys can keep that "just-like-new" appearance for years to come.

Bruder 02761 - MAN Side Loading Garbage Truck

A garbage truck that works just like the real thing!


25% OFF

RRP $119.99

Bruder Garbage Bin Set

Extra Bins for your Bruder Garbage Trucks.


33% OFF

RRP $29.95

Bruder 02744 - Man Cement Truck

Get behind the wheel and get the job done!


20% OFF

RRP $99.95

Bruder 02771 - MAN Fire Engine with water pump, li

Come to the rescue with this realistic fire engine! Made of high quality plastic, this truck has tons of bells and whistles for endless imaginative play.


25% OFF

RRP $119.95


20% OFF

RRP $46.18

Bruder 02813 - MACK Granite Toy Truck with Flatbed

Driver's cabin: doors can be opened, cabin with windscreen, the engine bonnet can be opened to provide a view of the engine block, rear-view mirror can be folded in, fender ...


28% OFF

RRP $237.43

Bruder 02433 - Caterpillar Asphalt drum compactor

Especially made for small construction sites.


18% OFF

RRP $39.95

Bruder 02801 - Light and Sound Module

With four different functions; horn, engine noise, flashing light and siren sound.


25% OFF

RRP $19.99

Bruder 02031 - Conveyor Belt

Got Heavy Loads to Shift


25% OFF

RRP $59.95

Bruder 02431 - Caterpillar Skid Steer Loader

Seen at almost all Construction sites.


14% OFF

RRP $34.95

Bruder 02438 - Caterpillar Excavator

An exact replica of the original


23% OFF

RRP $129.95


11% OFF

RRP $44.95

Bruder 02422 - Caterpillar Bulldozer

Clear the way for fun! Perfect for imaginative construction play in the sandbox or backyard.


14% OFF

RRP $69.95

Bruder 02428 - JCB 4CX Loader with Backhoe

Kids will really dig this versatile construction vehicle!


14% OFF

RRP $69.95

Bruder 02532 - MB Toy Fire Engine

Race to put out the fire!


10% OFF

RRP $99.99

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