Meccano Meccanoid G15 Small Personal Robot

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For kids of all ages, MECCANO Meccanoid G15 stands about 2 feet tall. Features emotional intelligence, intuitive speech and movement programming, the ability to learn based on what it observes you doing, and all kinds of customization options.

Meccano Meccanoid G15 Small Personal Robot

Meccanoid G15 is a two foot tall personal robot friend for kids of all ages. Even adults love this new Meccano interactive toy. It's a great way for parents or grandparents to spend some good quality time with the kids. The adults can relive their youth with Meccano, while the kids can enjoy all the upgrades modern technology has brought to Meccano toys.

The Meccanoid G15 is an interactive robot that responds to what you say. It's programmed with thousands of phrases, and can even learn to recognize someone's unique voice to engage in personal conversations. Your robot will even initiate conversations with you, and can play games, tell jokes, and enlighten you with fun facts. It can even start doing this while you're still buiding it.

Not only does the robot talk, it also moves. In fact, it can be custom programmed to dance, imitate your movements, follow you around, play sports with you, and more.

There is even a free app for Android or iOS that allows you to expand the various ways you play with the Meccano G15. The app is so easy to use, kids of all ages can engage in sophisticated robotics programming.

Other fun features of the Meccanoid G15 from Meccano includes:

  • Motion Capture programming to allow the robot to mimic your movements
  • An online avatar of the robot where you can program in features to use on the robot later, as well as share with your friends
  • All Meccanoid parts are 100 percent compatible with the classic Meccano toy parts
  • Customization! You can build your robot to look like anything you can imagine
  • A personality that allows the robot to learn and be influenced by its environment
  • 275 parts, many of which are made of high impact polycarbonate construction plates, for extra durable robot play
  • Bluetooth compatibility so you can connect your robot to any mobile wireless device
  • Open source programming
  • Uses 4C alkaline batteries
  • 64 Mb of memory, with external upgrades available
  • Dual 6 amp motor drives to allow your robot to move around with ease
  • LED light eyes with more than 500 colors from which to choose and change

Enjoy modern robotics to their fullest with the Meccanoid G15 personal robot friend. With emotional intelligence, intuitive speech and movement programming, the ability to learn based on what it observes you doing, and all kinds of customization options to allow you to make your robot look like whatever you desire, you will have oodles of fun creating and teaching your Meccanoid. Let the wonderful world of robotics into your home and experience the future today. The Meccano Meccanoid G15 is perfect for kids and for bringing kids and adults together.



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