Schleich Smurfs Collectible Box Set Years 1960 - 1969

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This set features a scene from 1963 when the bite of Angry Smurf threatened the entire Smurf civilisation.

Schleich Smurfs Collectible Box Set Years 1960 - 1969

Celebrating 50 years of Smurfs, Schleich introduces the first decade of Smurfs in the series of collectible box sets. The Schleich Smurfs 1960 - 1969 features Smurfs from the original comic strip series. Join Papa and the others as they try to stop Angry Smurf from wiping out the Smurf village.

In the Schleich Smurfs 1960 - 1969 collectible decade set, a black fly has bitten Angry Smurf, causing his skin to turn from bright Smurf blue to black. Angry has also lost the ability to speak anything except the single word, Gnap.� He is now hopping through the Smurf village and biting other Smurfs on the tail. Each time a Smurf is bitten, the condition is passed on. Soon the entire kingdom will be hopping around saying nothing but "Gnap." The other Smurfs must catch Angry before the entire Smurf civilisation comes to an end. Papa Smurf must also find a magical spell to change Angry and all of the other Smurfs he has bitten back to glorious Smurf blue.

  • First in the series of collectible box sets
  • Based on one of the original 1963 comics
  • Collectible characters from the first decade of Smurfs
  • Papa, Normal, Angry, Spy and Drummer


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