Bruder 02762 - MAN Rear Loading Garbage Truck Orange

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Another Rear Loading Garbage Truck from Bruder

Bruder 02762 - MAN Rear Loading Garbage Truck Orange

Bruder are famous for their true to life detail, this toy garbage truck in 1:16 scale is no exception. Complete with 2 bins, rubbish can be loaded into the truck using the two hinged retainers, then transported into the compression space by a rotating crank.

Made in Germany from high quality ABS Plastics your little one will have years of enjoyment. The Drivers Cabin has a folding outside mirror and can be tilted to provide a view of the engine block. Other features include:- tread tyres, an openiing tailgate and the ability to raise the collecting body for emptying.

Size: 50 x 18.5 x 25.7 cm

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How many bins come with the Garbage Truck?


2 toy plastic wheelie bins are included with this truck.


The Bruder bin set includes a grey commercial style rubbish bin. Is it compatible with this garbage truck?


Yes, The loading mechanism of this truck is compatible with the grey commercial style rubbish bins included in the Bruder Bin Set.


Is the Sound and Light module compatible with this truck?


Yes the Bruder Sound and Light module can be used with this truck. There is a black panel like a sunroof in the roof of the cap. Just pop it out and the sound and light module snaps right in.


SKU BRU02762
Brand Bruder
Bruder 02762 - MAN Rear Loading Garbage Truck Orange has a rating of 5/5 based on 1 reviews.

Best boy toy ever!

By: on 5 September 2015
This is the best toy my almost 3 year old son has ever received. He sits and plays with "bin man" every day. We have just added the additional bins and lights and sirens for extra features. I would recommend this toy to anybody who has a bin obsessed child. Interactive and beautifully made. Guaranteed hours of fun for many years to come.

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