Share Thunderbird Excitement and Adventure with Your Own Kids

Author: Colin Johnstone   Date Posted:29 August 2015 

Thunderbird Toys 2015Fighting fires. Coming to the rescue of a natural disaster. Saving the earth from invading aliens. Children love to fight the bad guys – and win.  They love to come to the rescue of those in need.  Becoming the powerful superhero in charge just got a whole lot easier. Thunderbirds action toys let kids do the impossible – beat the bad guys!

If you grew up in the 1960’s and 1970’s you know the power of the Thunderbirds. Now it is time to share that experience with your children.  Thunderbirds are a full source rescue group highlighted in the 1960’s British series by the same name, that are enjoying a comeback on TV today with both re-runs of the original shows as well as new episodes being aired for today’s youth to enjoy

Showcasing the exploits of International Rescue (IR), modern day children can now use their own imaginations to make up story arcs for the Thunderbird characters and relive the water, sea and space adventures of these unique rescue heroes.

Bringing their imaginations to life is a full line of Thunderbird toys and accessories designed to help children recreate the Thunderbird adventures in their own home.

From action figures to space and land vehicles, there is no limit to the play activities Thunderbird enthusiasts can come up with.  Of course no action adventure would be complete without the Thunderbird Supersize 2 and 4 vehicle play set.  This large scale flyer offers a multitude of ways for children to recreate their own Thunderbird adventures by providing hours of fun.

The Play set itself includes a large central pod with retractable wings and landing gear that allow the flyer to act like a real Thunderbird.  Its large 40 cm wide size allows the user to add to Thunderbird figures in the cockpit and enjoy more than 20 real-life rescue sounds during playtime.

In addition, the play set comes with an additional vehicle which can be stored within the plane's body cavity.  Offering hours of enjoyment, this play set is must for any Thunderbirds enthusiast. Other Thunderbird vehicles and toys can be added to the set, creating a complete Thunderbird arena for those who want a recreate a true rescue experience for themselves.

Growing in popularity across the globe, Thunderbirds is a retro-style show that is becoming a mainstay amongst children’s play. The new toys being released add an old fashioned charm to a more sophisticated and highly technological toy, making these figurines and accessories a big hit with kids everywhere.

Promising to be the must-have toy of this holiday season, Thunderbird brings the excitement of adventure and the technology of modern day super hero action to today’s youngsters in a fresh and fun way. Now that your all F.A.B. click through and checkout our range of Thunderbird Toys.

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