LEGO® Friends: A New Style of LEGO for Girls

LEGO® has expanded its world-class building line with the recent introduction of LEGO® Friends. Featuring some new innovations in building components, LEGO® Friends is the result of years of serious reseach by the LEGO® company into what girls value in their gameplay, with a focus squarely on providing a fun and fulfilling play experience for this market and proving that the famous LEGO® brand is not “just for boys.”

Set in the fictional suburban setting of Heartlake, LEGO® Friends features five new female minifigures and a variety of buildings and accessories for their adventures. The minifigures have been updated from the traditional block-man to a more feminine and doll-like style that girls find more appealing. Building components have been arranged and packaged in new ways to facilitate more immediate play after finding that girls prefer to play with their sets while still in the building process rather than building first and then playing afterward.

The minifigures and building sets come with detailed biographies in order to foster girls’ tendencies toward more storytelling in their gameplay than action-hero type battles, and the sets introduce several new colors of building blocks, which is sure to excite LEGO® fans of all ages. With Olivia the Inventor, Mia the Animal Lover, Stephanie the Socially-Connected Writer, Emma the Beautician and Andrea the Performer to choose from and collect, there is something in the LEGO® Friends line that is sure to engage and delight any young girl.

The sets are bright and fun, and focus more on everyday life activities rather than fantastical settings while still remaining true to the basic building block concept consumers the world over have grown to love. With the new launch, the LEGO® company hopes to provide a product more girls will relate to and bond with to bring them into the LEGO® community, and make gift-buying easier for parents and others who want to give toys that help foster and encourage mental development in children, but run into frustration with limited options that appeal to girls in this market. LEGO® Friends is already available at toy stores and mass retailers everywhere.

New Learning Toys from Vtech

Do you want your kids to get the most out of playtime? Learning toys are an essential factor in a child’s development. VTech has introduced several new learning toys that will teach your child musical, medical, financial and, most importantly, cognitive and social skills that will last a lifetime. Their new learning toys combine the educational value that parents require with the fun that kids love. Instead of sitting your child in front of the television and expecting it to do the work, learning toys encourage your child to take a proactive role in their learning process without them even knowing it–they’re just having fun!

VTech – Kidi Pop and Rock

The new VTech – Kidi Pop and Rock is an exciting interactive tool to get your child a head start on learning not one but three instruments in one fun toy. With a myriad of options, your child can begin playing guitar, piano and drums in various musical styles including rock, hip-hop and jazz. To encourage your child’s creativity, the VTech – Kidi Pop and Rock also includes record and playback features so that they can record and play back their own sound effects.

VTech – Dr Alfie

The new role-playing toy, VTech – Dr Alfie, is a wonderful opportunity for children to learn about the medicine and basic shapes while also building their social skills. The Dr. Alfie bear is an especially good choice to help kids learn about and be comfortable with going to the doctor’s office. Dr. Alfie is also ideal for helping your child understand illness and be open to the idea of medical professions later in life. Dr. Alfie comes with a stethoscope, bandage and ear thermometer.

VTech – Shop with me Cash Register

One of the most important skills for your child to learn is money management. The new VTech – Shop With Me Cash Register is a wonderful tool for this and more, as it also encourages independent play and the development of math skills. It features a scanner, play food and drink pieces, a credit card and card reader, and play currency.

Schleich Smurfs

Schleich Celebrates 50 years of Smurfs!

Schleich SmurfsCelebrate more than 50 years of Smurfs with these smurferific Schleich Smurfs collectible box sets. These five decade sets are simply smurftastic!

In recognition of the 2011 Smurf movie and five decades of Smurf wisdom, Schleich Toys has released five collectible box sets featuring the fun and fantastic little blue creatures that skip and sing their way into the hearts of many. The Schleich Smurfs collectibles sets contain Smurf figures from each decade of smurfabulous fun. Every Smurf knows that the first rule of Smurfdom is to never cast spells on your own. However, that does not stop these loveable little characters from casting a spell on each of us as they skip their way right into the hearts of millions while they explore the exciting streets and parks of the Big Apple in the 2011 Smurf movie. The Schleich Smurfs collectibles sets include Smurf figures from the 1960s through the first decade of this century.

Schleich Smurfs 1960 – 1969

Schleich Smurfs 1960 – 1969The Schleich Smurfs collectibles in this set includes characters from an original 1963 comic strip in which Angry Smurf is bitten by a black fly and is struck speechless except for the single word. “Gnap.” The entire Smurf civilisation may come to an end if Angry cannot be stopped from nipping the other Smurfs on the tail and passing on his condition. Schleich Smurfs collectibles featured in the 1960 – 1969 set include Papa Smurf, Angry, Spy, Drummer and Normal Smurf.

Schleich Smurfs 1970 – 1979

Schleich Smurfs 1970 – 1979All Smurfs contribute equally to the magical Smurf village. The Schleich Smurfs collectibles in the 1970 – 1979 set include Ballerina Smurfette, Postman, Chef, Artist and Doctor Smurf. This second decade of professional Schleich Smurfs collectibles is a smurftastic addition to your Smurf collection.

Schleich Smurfs 1980 – 1989

Schleich Smurfs 1980 - 1989Smurfs absolutely love smurfberries and sarsaparilla leaves, so it is no wonder the Schleich Smurfs collectibles from the 1980 – 1989 series are working their very hardest to maintain the village garden. The collectible figures in this set include Haymaker, Miller, Farmer, Apple and Clumsy.

Schleich Smurfs 1990 – 1999

Schleich Smurfs 1990 – 1999Aerobic Smurfette, Climber, Sprinter, Golfer and Diver Smurf are all having a smurfing good time as they get in shape and skip through the Smurf village. Play a game of golf on the course Handy Smurf created, or go swimming with Diver Smurf in the Smurf River.

Schleich Smurfs 2000 – 2009

Schleich Smurfs 2000 – 2009While it may seem like these loveable little blue creatures are always working around the Smurf village, they like to take a break and play sometimes too! Join Playmaker, Benchwarmer, Goalkeeper and President Smurf in celebrating 50 years of Smurfs with a fun-filled game of football as Cheerleader Smurfette cheers on the team!

NERF Vortex Blasters – Product Spotlight

Nerf Vortex Series – Experience Extreme Blasting Power

Get ready for some extreme blasting power and awesome NERF wars fun with the incredible NERF Vortex blasters. The unbelievable blasting power of these dynamic disc shooters allows you to sneak up on your opponents and blast your mates from an amazing distance! The disc shooters in the NERF Vortex series all offer incredible features and awesome blasting power. With the Praxis, Proton, Vigilon or Nitron blaster in your NERF arsenal, you will never be caught without an extreme weapon to ward off enemy fire!


NERF VORTEX PRAXISThe amazing Praxis blaster offers pump-up firing action and a detachable ammunition clip for quick and easy reloading. The removable shoulder stock makes it easy to swing into action and take your enemies by surprise! The Praxis also includes the tactical rail system so even more NERF accessories can be added to the fun.


NERF VORTEX PROTONYou can take this incredible blaster with you almost anywhere! Conceal your weapon and launch a surprise attack on your enemies with the compact Proton blaster. This disc shooter may be small, but it packs a powerful punch! The quick loading action, amazing blasting power and compact size make this awesome blaster from the Vortex series a valuable addition to any NERF arsenal.


NERF VORTEX VIGILONIf you’re ready for some serious NERF wars action, you will want this powerful blaster in your NERF arsenal. The Vigilon blaster offers awesome blasting power from an incredible distance, and the built-in ammunition clip can be quickly reloaded for an intense NERF wars experience. Blast your mates and quickly reload for even more shooting fun.


NERF VORTEX NITRONWith rapid firing power and an amazing electronic scope, the Nitron blaster provides you with a formidable weapon that will keep your enemies at bay. The magazine holds an incredible 20 discs that you can powerfully hurl at your opponents in a relentless shower of fast firing action. The Centerfire Tech scope allows you to centre in on your enemy and hit your target with amazing accuracy every time. The dynamic Nitron blaster adds incredible firing power to any NERF arsenal.


NERF VORTEX Refill PackYou don’t want to get caught in the middle of an intense NERF wars battle without ammunition! Get ahead of your competition and gear up with the Vortex Refill Pack. This handy refill pack includes 10 powerful discs that can be used with any of the awesome blasters in the NERF Vortex series. Don’t get caught on the battlefield empty handed!

LEGO® Games – Imagine and Create

LEGO® Games

When you think of LEGO®, what comes to mind? Perhaps you think about colorful interlocking bricks that snap together to build elaborate buildings or the posable mini figures that drive vehicles created from your imagination. Maybe you recall childhood memories of spending hours with friends, changing the bricks into a variety of imaginative designs. While LEGO® bricks continue to give children of all ages hours of fun and creative play, they have become more interactive than ever.

LEGO® Games are the newest lego innovations for Lego lovers age seven and older. Start by building a die, customized to fit the wishes of the game players, then let imagination take over. Play the game with bricks and mini figures and build nearly limitless architectural designs. Every game experience results in a unique outcome. Let us discover the details of four LEGO® Games.

LEGO® 3844 – Games Creationary

Three levels of difficulty allow players of every ability numerous building and guessing opportunities in LEGO® Creationary. Build a vehicle, building, or item from nature with 338 pieces and 13 micro figures while other players guess what is being built. Create your own rules for hours of fun.

LEGO® 3841 – Games Minotaurus

Lead heroes to the temple, build walls to block opponents, and avoid the Minotaur in the labyrinth of LEGO® Minotaurus. Strategize with 211 pieces and 12 micro figures in this game with simple rules the entire family will enjoy.

LEGO® 3843 – Games Ramses Pyramid

Climb to the top of the pyramid after unlocking coded pyramid layers in LEGO® Ramses Pyramid. Practice skill, cunning, and memory. Compete against each other with 217 pieces and 13 micro figures or battle the Mummy King together for added versatility.

LEGO® 3862 – Games Harry Potter Hogwarts

Players race down moving staircases and through secret passageways while collecting homework in Harry Potter Hogwarts school. Maneuver 322 pieces and 9 micro figures through Hogwarts and be the first to reach the common room.

LEGO® bricks appeal to both boys and girls, young and old. Every child will enjoy these interactive games that make great Christmas presents. The LEGO® logo means “only the best is good enough”; and LEGO® products are proven to be reliable, well-made, and financially sound investments. Imagination and a few friends are the only requirements to build a lifetime of memories and play all day with your new LEGO® Games!

Vtech Kidizoom Digital Cameras – Product Spotlight

Vtech Kidizoom Digital Cameras

Point and shoot with creative VTech Kidizoom Digital Cameras. These cool kids’ toys let them take photos, videos and more!

VTech – Disney Princess Kidizoom Digital Camera

VTech - Disney Princess Kidizoom Digital CameraThis sparkling pink kids’ digital camera from the VTech Kidizoom Digital Cameras collection is ideal for all little princesses who love to be creative and have loads of fun. The dazzling diamond-like buttons and crown-shaped SD card slot will put a twinkle in her eye and a royal spring in her step. The Disney Princess toy camera from the VTech Kidizoom Digital Cameras collection of kids’ toys features built-in photo editing and a variety of fun and fanciful princess frames.

VTech – Toy Story 3 Kidizoom Digital Camera

VTech - Toy Story 3 Kidizoom Digital CameraThe VTech Toy Story 3 Kidizoom Digital Camera is the perfect kids’ digital camera for children who just can’t get enough of Woody, Buzz and the rest of the fun Toy Story Gang. Your little animated movie buff will love taking videos and photos with Buzz Lightyear! This amazing toy camera from the VTech Kidizoom Digital Cameras collection includes themed frames for holding priceless photos, digital zoom and an incredible storage capacity that allows your child to save more than 500 photos. The fun never runs out with this awesome toy camera from the incredible collection of VTech Kidizoom Digital Cameras.

VTech – Kidizoom Video Cam

VTech - Kidizoom Video CamYoung film directors will love this first video camera from the VTech Kidizoom Digital Cameras collection of kids’ digital cameras. Simple controls and a fun design make this toy camera the perfect fit for little hands. The Kidizoom Video Cam features a wide assortment of borders, frames and creative stamps to add to photos and encourage imaginative play. This toy camera also includes video and photo editing features, 256 MD memory and three fun games for additional entertainment.

VTech – Kidizoom Video Cam Pink

VTech - Kidizoom Video Cam PinkThis pretty pink first video camera from the outstanding collection of VTech Kidizoom Digital Cameras features animations, borders, stamps and more for fun and creative play, Take animated videos and fun photos with this delightful pink toy camera that includes three built in games, digital zoom and a full colour TFT screen for easy viewing of photos and videos.

The VTech Kidizoom Digital Cameras series of toy cameras is the ideal solution for teaching young children about the basics of technology and photography. They will love learning with these fun and creative kids’ digital cameras!

LEGO Trains – Product Spotlight

LEGO trains take the fun of model train sets one step farther. Where a train set allows the hobbyist to arrange a track as they please, to design the landscape, LEGO trains allow the hobbyist to build the train itself, from scratch if need be. These battery operated remote control train sets use plastic rather than electro-conductive tracks, but offer a lot more versatility than those traditional sets. Here are some of the pieces no LEGO trains collector should be without.

LEGO 7938 City Passenger Train

LEGO 7938 City Passenger TrainAs far as LEGO trains go, the passenger train may well be the best starter kit. The set comes with sixteen curved and sixteen flexible tracks, four straight tracks, a traffic light, two engines with viewable control rooms, three mini-figures and the train itself measures twenty seven inches.

LEGO 7939 City Cargo Train

LEGO 7939 City Cargo TrainFor those with a taste towards the industrial, the cargo train comes with an engineer and three freight workers, a big crane, a container truck with a flatbed trailer, a full circle of tracks, a 7 speed remote and the train itself is an incredible eighty eight centimeters, or thirty four and a half inches in length.

LEGO 7937 City Train Station

LEGO 7937 City Train StationAll those LEGO trains need somewhere to stop and pick up passengers, so no set is complete without the LEGO 7937 City Train Station. This kit includes a taxi driver, two travelers and an engineer. The station itself features a kosk, a ticket machine, a time table, a sheltered waiting area, two platforms, a pedestrian bridge stretching over the tracks to give your passengers a nice view, a taxi with space for the driver and a passenger, four straight tracks and a total length of eleven inches.

LEGO Train Tracks

LEGO Train TracksLego train tracks need no introduction: they’re extra tracks. They are, of course, a necessity for anyone who plans on building a full set stretching around the den or the garage.

LEGO 7936 City Train Level Crossing

LEGO 7936 City Train Level CrossingEveryone wants to play with the crossing gates, right? Well here is where that fantasy comes to life. This kit comes with crossing gates, four straight tracks, a road rail excavator with shovel and hook attachments, and a railroad worker who can sit there being bored all day waiting for trains to pull through. It’s a tough job, but somebody’s gotta do it.

Healthcare in Sylvania – Product Spotlight

Healthcare in Sylvania is important to the woodland characters of the community. Doctor Murdoch and the other animal family members all do their part to make certain the citizens in Sylvania are well taken care of. Paramedic Thomas Nightingale and his wife, Nurse Emily Nightingale, keep the Sylvania Families ambulance, paramedic and patient services in tip-top shape, while Doctor Murdoch sees ailing citizens of Sylvania in the cottage hospital. No woodland character of the Sylvania Family community goes without the proper care and attention needed to live a happy and carefree life in this friendly little village.

Sylvanian Families 4421 – Ambulance

The fast and efficient Sylvanian Families Ambulance is ready and fully equipped to handle any medical emergency that arises in the Sylvanian community. Completely stocked with remedies, medical supplies and other emergency items, the Sylvanian Families Ambulance will be right there whenever and wherever it is needed. This speedy medical vehicle even comes with a comfortable bed on wheels for easy transport of patients from the emergency scene to the ambulance. A cosy red blanket is also included to offer warm comfort to patients in an emergency medical situation. Other supplies included in the Sylvanian Families Ambulance are gas bottles, a patient chart, an oxygen mask and blood pressure equipment.

Sylvanian Families 4423 – Cottage Hospital

Doctor Murdoch, at the Sylvanian Families Cottage Hospital, is everybody’s favourite doctor. He can cure any ailment, and he shows a great sense of caring and concern for the patients. Doctor Murdoch really cares about the Sylvanian Family citizens in his community, and he does all he can to make sure they are always feeling on the up and up! No one leaves the Sylvanian Families Cottage Hospital still feeling poorly. The good doctor’s cottage hospital is fully supplied with a table, chair, bed and other necessary medical office furniture, as well as casts, crutches and medicines. Every citizen in Sylvania loves Doctor Murdoch!

Sylvanian Families 4412 – Paramedic and Patient

Sylvania’s favourite paramedic, Thomas Nightingale, is always ready to bandage up and care for his favourite little accident-prone patient, Owen Bearbury. Little Owen always seems to be getting himself into all kinds of scrapes, but Thomas is always nearby to make sure his little patient is soon feeling better. The Sylvanian Families Paramedic and Patient set comes with two animal characters, a stethoscope, play pills and an injection.

Sylvanian Families 4751 – Nurse with Hospital Bed

Nurse Emily Nightingale is married to Paramedic Thomas Nightingale. Together, they help take care of the good citizens of Sylvania. Nurse Emily efficiently runs the hospital and gives each patient individual attention and special care. The Sylvanian Families Nurse with Hospital Bed includes a bed, slippers, bed table with tray, a beautiful basket of flowers and two get well cards.

Healthcare in Sylvania is of the upmost importance to the medical team in this friendly community. Paramedic Thomas, Doctor Murdoch and Nurse Emily are always ready at a moment’s notice to provide their patients with the best possible care. Make sure you have all the members of the medical team and the community in order to make your Healthcare in Sylvania set complete.

NERF Super Soaker – Product Spotlight

Explore the NERF Super Soaker blasters available for your water wars fun. Challenge your friends and soak up the excitement!

Super Soaker Thunderstorm

Douse the competition with the powerful drenching action of the NERF Super Soaker Thunderstorm. With this amazing water blaster from the Soaker Wars series in your water gun arsenal, you can target your enemy from as far as 25 feet away! The blaster features motorised action and swappable magazines so you can reload quickly and jump back in the game. The Super Soaker Clip System Canisters are included with this powerful and exciting NERF water blaster.

NERF Super Soaker Thunderstorm


Super Soaker Hydro Cannon

The dynamic pumping action of the NERF Super Soaker Hydro Cannon allows you to deliver a powerful stream of water to your enemies from an astounding 35 feet away! This outstanding water blaster from the Soaker Wars series also includes a protective blasting shield so that you can block any incoming attacks. No water gun arsenal should be without it!

NERF Super Soaker Hydro Cannon


Super Soaker Hydro Fury Twin Pack

Double up on the wet and wild fun with the incredible NERF Super Soaker Hydro Fury Twin Pack. This outstanding twin pack features a red and a blue water blaster with an amazing 16-foot blasting range. The pump-up action and convenient small size make these twin blasters from the Soaker Wars series perfect for launching a sneak attack on your enemies.

NERF Super Soaker Hydro Fury Twin Pack


Super Soaker Tornado Strike

Add the NERF Super Soaker Tornado Strike to your water gun arsenal for a whirling good time! Quickly reload with the convenient swappable magazines and blast your opponents from as far as 20 feet away. The pump-up spinning action of this blaster from the Soaker Wars series makes it a necessity for your water gun arsenal. Put a spin on the fun and give your enemies a soaking they will never forget!

Super Soaker Clip System

The NERF Super Soaker Clip System offers you a convenient way to quickly reload when your water blaster runs out of ammunition. Fill the water clip refill and clip it to your belt or pants for convenient and fast reloading power. The clip system holds an outstanding 10 fluid ounces of extra ammunition. Add this convenient clip system to your water gun arsenal today and never be caught without ammunition again! The Super Soaker clip system can be used with either the Tornado Strike blaster or the Thunderstorm Super Soaker.

Nerf N-Strike

Add these amazing Nerf N-Strike toy guns to your Nerf arsenal for a fun and fantastic shootout with your friends!

Nerf N-Strike Stampede

Nerf N-Strike Stampede

Your Nerf wars fun is just beginning with the outstanding Nerf N-Strike Stampede. No Nerf arsenal is complete without this outstanding automatic blaster. This shooter is battery powered and features three 18-dart clips and one 6-dart clip for continual blasting power. You will never have to worry about running out of ammunition again with the amazing clip system on the N-Strike Stampede. Just reload and keep on blasting your enemies away! This astounding Nerf toy gun also features a detachable bipod that allows you to precisely set your target in view and strike with complete accuracy. A protective blast shield is also included so that you can run right through enemy territory without as much as a graze from enemy fire. The bipod and blast shield can be used with other blasters in the N-strike series as well.

Nerf N-Strike Barricade RV-10

Nerf N-Strike Barricade RV-10

Don’t be without this terrific motorised, semi-automatic blaster in your Nerf arsenal. This amazing shooter allows you to accurately hit your enemies from an outstanding distance of 25 to 30 feet! The revolving barrel on the gun holds up to 10 Nerf darts and feature interchangeable parts that can be used with other toy guns in the N-strike series. The tactical rail and stock attachment make it simple to add a scope for precision aiming, or any number of other exciting attachments available in the N-strike series. The Nerf N-Strike Barricade RV_10 comes complete with 10 Whistler darts for your Nerf wars fun.

Nerf N-Strike Longshot CS-6

Nerf N-Strike Longshot CS-6

Your Nerf arsenal simply isn’t complete without this fantastic dart and arrow shooter. The easy reload clip contains six extra foam darts for fast reloading, and the detachable bipod allows you to easily scope out the enemy and blast away with outstanding accuracy. The Nerf N-Strike Longshot CS-6 has an incredible 35-foot blasting range, and the removable parts allow you to convert your weapon to a convenient one-handed shooter for furious pistol fighting action.

Nerf N-Strike Vulcan EBF-25

Nerf N-Strike Vulcan EBF-25

Of all the toy guns in the N-Strike series, the Vulcan EBF-25 is one your Nerf arsenal shouldn’t be without. The battery-powered shooter includes 25 Whistler darts, a convenient ammunition storage box and a removable tripod for aiming accuracy. The N-Strike Vulcan EBF-25 also comes complete with a handy dart belt that automatically feeds through the powerful cannon. Blast your enemies over and over again with an amazing three darts per second.